Mug Cakes for Breakfast

Mug cake

Four Healthy Mug Cakes 

My first mug cake recipe appeared in a newspaper circular.  Later I read that there are hundreds of mug cake recipes online.  I looked into that claim and discovered that most of them have been developed as desserts—good for homebound singles, maybe, but, taste-wise, not worth the time, trouble or calories.  The mug cakes below have healthy ingredients with comparatively little sugar or fat and are ideal for small meals taken alone: breakfast, lunch, or afternoon snack.

 As indicated by the term “mug cake,” most of these can be mixed up, microwaved, and eaten in the same large mug.     


Cocoa-Peanut Butter Mug Cake

Whisk together:

3T whole wheat flour

2-3t unsweetened cocoa powder

2t sugar

¼ cup milk

2T peanut butter

¼ baking powder

Microwave for 90 seconds.


Almond Mug Cake

Whisk together in the following order:

1 large egg

1T maple syrup

2T milk or buttermilk

¼t almond flavor

3T almond meal or flour

¼t baking powder

Microwave for 90 seconds.


Carrot Mug Cake

Whisk together in the following order:

1 egg

1T maple syrup

½t vanilla

2T milk

2T whole wheat flour

¼ t cinnamon

pinch of salt

¼ baking powder

dash of nutmeg and/or cloves (opt.)

 2T chopped or ground nuts

1 small carrot, peeled and grated

1T raisins

Microwave for 90 seconds.


Chocolate Banana Mug Cake

This one comes out more like a pudding.  A large banana and the chocolate chips may make it sweet enough without the sugar.

Put the following in a food processor or beat vigorously by hand:

1 ripe banana

1 egg

2T almond butter

2T cocoa powder

2t sugar (opt.)

Place the mixture in your mug and drop 2T chocolate chips on top.

Microwave for 2.5 minutes.